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This poor man's wife is up near Portland in their new home, while he is still down here trying to sell this home. Now to keep the boy busy!Praying our warm weather and sunshine returns in time for Monday! Poor babies! The Dr will be putting drops in Ray's eyes to dilate the pupils. We had a good trip into the next town, went to the bank, & the building supply for more potting soil. I think deep down you all need to get away from where you have so many memories both the good ones and the bad. O&A, I would love to see that pic of you at the coast! Ours just beeps no music, but the oven temp & timer & the start/ cancel are on the same screen. All the rain has made them bloom like crazy! Be in prayer for Lib from Joes Place group. My Sis called & we chatted for awhile after our guests had left. Hello Dear Sisters! Sorry for being flaky again. Hi soul sisters....saw baby Constance today....3 pictures of her on Gardening205!!! Good Sunday Morning, My Dear Soul Sisters! Hello Sisters. I fell getting out of the hot tub today, but I'm ok. Yes, that was our Sneads Ferry. Our neighbor called this evening and sent us pics of his home and ours.

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The ice is trying to melt on the porch steps but still not going down them. He had no health insurance, roman primary homework help & his medical bills were very high. Ready for spring and new adventures! Mom doing good too, spending much of these nice days on back porch. So funny i asked her if i could bring her some real puzzles and she replied - i am bringing you some!!! All the best to Gina and Erika and our busy traveler Brighty too and our angel here on earth Donna! Maybe they can use some of the supplies you want to donate. Looks like a pretty day is in the works here. Molly is glad to have the entire back yard to wander through! Mom made it back to church. Her legs still bother her but she made herself go and was glad. At dawn tons of folks were all over house and yard fixing up the mess. The best thing is if you can get to sleep, order billing inventory system thesis then you get all relaxed & the cramps usually stop. Hi sisters dearest xxx friend came for supper - good to catch up.

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Mom settled in the rocker and read half a book by flashlight. I got my Easter card doodles mailed to friends. Saw & rode in the Gateway Arch, & ate at a McDonalds that was actually a paddle wheeler river boat, cv writing service gloucestershire docked right in front of the Arch. The noise level in church was deafening. Some of our favorite puzzlers have guessed so far, & they are itching to know what it really is. Still it is concerning. Weather simply will not give anyone a break this year. All is well here. Still busy with yard stuff but I have more time for other stuff too now. We are enjoying seeing the baby sparrows around our house. LOLOL!! Hoping for a dry day to buy and plant flowers! So good to hear from you Melissa! Hi soul sisters...some rain here....finally...not much...but nice to see Mrs. We watched Arachnophobia (Geeesh!), & Are We There Yet?, & another one I can't remember right now. Vicki, so glad you had a fun time shopping with your cousin. Berg teaches communication arts at Turner Middle School, a magnet school with a computer animation and Schools for Thought focus. It must have all gone south of us!

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Glad brightsparks hubby had a good doctor visit. I do hope she moves soon. She walks on the ground more than flies and even walks toward me or lands in limbs directly above my head. Praying you are well!Have had a good day here. Hi soul sisters.....before I begin.....I pray for Joy and her Uncle Danny....that he fully recovers from his stroke.....please be by his side dear lord.....heal him in your loving arms and be by him in this time and his family’s...... Hope you are feeling better after your cold and bad dream dear Donna! We going to jaffa today, oldcity - going to find the second hand market. Prayers to all finished reading all comments. Ray & I will have our own living room, at a corner of the house with two huge windows looking out on the back yard, good not doing homework excuses then on out to the hills along the Rogue River Valley. Vicki so happy it did not hit your brothers place -fire is so dangerous and spreads so quickly xxx oh by the way everyone - a treat for you @brightspark tonight xxx ♥♥♥♥ with lots of lovies and posted earlier on @sparklightie --- i just love doing the wrapping paper collages......... Crazy busy day! Heading off to bed shortly. Did some shopping with my girl (she got some cute clothes) then to her orthodontist appt. We will be seeing "Solo: A Star Wars Story", so don't know if I will be on later or not.

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We looked at the website for our house & went through the pics one at a time, dissertation help online happily chatting about them. Had a nice visit from neighbor this evening. I hope to make it to church this morning to celebrate with all of the Mom's there. That's all we need is to be cold and wet and have 8 soaked cheerleaders! We spent New Year's Day rearranging our house...furniture here moved there and such! There might be clouds here for the morning eclipse. I was out on my porch today. Not sunny but still nice. It was cool but still a pleasant walk to church with the sound of crows and honking geese. Tons of prayers to you dear sparkly M. I had carpal tunnel release surgery in both hands over 20 years ago, & still have no problems.

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